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The Art of Collecting

The Art of Collecting

To our devoted Sarah Kay following,

It is evident that our friendship stems from common interests – our love of Sarah Kay, of nature and the earth, nostalgia for the past and for many of us the art of collecting.

Collecting for some people is a childhood hobby, but for others a lifelong passion that brings great joy. The internet as a global forum has resulted in many enthusiasts connecting just like we have…

The hobby of collecting is defined as seeking, acquiring, organizing, cataloguing, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector.

There are many types of collectors – some are generalists with very broad criteria, while others focus on a specialty. Some collectors accumulate at random many objects that meet the requirements of their collection, while others called completists, aim to collect all items in a set that can in theory be completed.

We are celebrating the release of our new Sarah Kay “Fleur” Decorative Porcelain Plate Collection which is now available for purchase at These beautiful plates are too gorgeous to keep hidden away, collect all four designs and put on display!

We would love to hear about your other Sarah Kay collectables. Head to our Facebook page and “like” or “share” our page and post images and details of your most prized Sarah Kay items for the world to see and envy…

Happy Collecting!

SK xoxo

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